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Amanda Lucas
March 6, 2021

Save hours and hours crafting proposals with this super useful platform.

Nusii proposal software

A big part of my business at Itchy Fingers Design is crafting proposals for various projects. They used to be a real time suck, basically re-inventing the wheel each and every time I needed to do one. A necessary part of my business but I knew I needed a solution that made writing them much more efficient.

One day, as if by fate an email landed from App Sumo for Nusii. I watched the intro video and instantly knew it was a no-brainer for me. I had been familiar with other tools such as Better Proposals but found them cost prohibitive at the time.

The setup process was quick and easy. I remember it well as I had three proposals to send out immediately.

Nusii includes various boilerplate templates to get you up and running quickly. The templates consist of sections. You can easily edit and create section templates yourself and have your own complete library of price sections and content sections. You can use templates straight out of the box or customise them to meet your needs.

For example, one of my sections is my terms and conditions. When I need to change this content, its easily edited from the section library. I use my proposals as my contract too, so there is no additional step to go through when a client accepts my proposal.

Nusii also features a ’Variables’ system so you won’t have to worry about accidentally including information from previous templates. Just add your client to the new proposal and all of their information will be updated for you behind the scenes.

When a client opens your proposal, you get notified on email. Cool or what?

When they accept the proposal you get an email with the signed document attached. This goes into my client folder as I can easily refer to it when setting up the project as it includes all the project deliverables and options the client has accepted.

Nusii signature approval

I always aim for clarity and try to leave no room for misinterpretation when writing proposals. I know clients are busy and don’t want to read a book of a proposal. I like to get straight to the point and include the necessaries in as plain a language as possible.

So if writing proposals is the bane of your life and you want a more efficient way of creating and sending them, be sure to check out Nusii for yourself, you can do so here.

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Amanda Lucas

Amanda Lucas

Amanda Lucas runs a web design agency in Ireland called Itchy Fingers Design. She enjoys creating websites that help support business goals and growth and sharing her knowledge.