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Amanda Lucas
November 14, 2023

Figma is a fantastic wireframing tool and using shortcuts greatly increases workflow speed. Here I share my favourite shortcuts I use every day.

example screen in figma

I moved to Figma from Adobe XD in early 2022 after joining Kevin Geary’s Inner Circle community. The trainings and community have been invaluable to my development, not only to web design but business in general.

Using his new ACSS product, Frames for Figma, has forced me to up my game and I’m sharing the power shortcuts that I use everyday in Figma. This allows me use ACSS Frames during the wireframing process.

I’m sure I will be adding / adjusting these the more I use Frames but these all serve my workflow well.

Mac Figma Shortcuts I Use

FNew Frame
CTRL + Shift + ?Brings up the shortcut panel
Shift + AWraps selection in a auto layout
CMD + \Hides UI interface
CTRL + CColour picker
CMD + /Quick actions, search through menus, plugins and commands
Shift + KPlace video / image
CMD + R Rename selected frame
Shift + SSection
PPen tool
CAdd comment
Shift + RRulers
Shift + GGrids
Shift + 0Zoom to 100%
Shift + 1Zoom to fit
Shift + 2Zoom to selection
NNext frame
Shift + NPrevious frame
CMD + Zoom in
CMD –Zoom out

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Amanda Lucas

Amanda Lucas

Amanda Lucas runs a web design agency in Ireland called Itchy Fingers Design. She enjoys creating websites that help support business goals and growth and sharing her knowledge.