Adobe XD Shortcuts

Amanda Lucas
January 1, 2019

Adobe Xd was created for designing at the speed of thought. Get to know all it's shortcuts to make designing even faster.

adobe xd

Adobe XD is a wonderful tool for creating prototypes. It has been designed for designing at the speed of thought. One way to ensure this happens is by getting familiar with its shortcuts.

Here are my go to shortcuts, let me know if I have missed any!

Must know shortcuts

These are shortcuts you really must get familiar with when working in Adobe XD to be able to work at a decent pace.

Select toolVV
Rectangle toolRR
Ellipse toolEE
Line toolLL
Pen toolPP
Text toolTT
Artboard toolAA
Zoom toolZZ
Group toolCMD + GCTRL + G
Ungroup toolCMD + SHIFT + GCTRL + SHIFT + G
DuplicateCMD + DCTRL + D

Nice to know shortcuts

These are shortcuts that are nice to know. You can still use the interface to operate them but knowing a few will definitely come in handy.

Coming soon…..

Obvious shortcuts

These shortcuts are common to most software platforms, just thought it would be nice to include them here.

Coming soon…..

The more I use this software, the more I like it. As I learn and use more shortcuts, I will update this post accordingly.

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